The purpose of studying android-online-course is because, now a days using of mobile phone is inevitable in our daily life. It is an big opportunity for developers to develop mobile app and earn plenty of money on it. In our course curriculum we cover entire aspects which we need to develop mobile app from HTML,CSS,JavaScript,TS,PHP and Ionic Framework.

Course Curriculum for android-online-course

  • Android App Development
  • Android application basics-introduction
  • Android application types overview
  • Hybrid android app development
  • Understanding of web languages
  • introduction to html
  • Html elements
  • Html events
  • Html forms
  • Html table
  • Html-button control
  • Introduction to css
  • CSS colors
  • CSS events
  • CSS styling concepts
  • introduction to javascript
  • javascript programing basics
  • javascript html element handling
  • javascript object handling
  • ionic frame work
  • Installation and setup/requirements
  • introduction to ionic framework
  • project structure
  • ionic CLI Interface commands
  • creating project
  • introduction to ionic Html,SCSS,TypeScript
  • creating home page and Various page types
  • App simulation
  • introduction to plugins
  • introduction to ionic elements
  • introduction to ionic components
  • ionic routing
  • deep view of typescript
  • typescript basic functions
  • typescript html element picking
  • typescript variables
  • typescript methods and classes
  • form binding with typescript variables
  • changing elements of html using typescript
  • typescript event listener
  • typescript user defined functions
  • introduction to JSON objects
  • handling JSON data
  • creating table in TypeScript
  • introduction to date object
  • communicating with server
  • introduction to xampp (for server communication only)
  • A short description of PHP for communicating data between the app and the server
  • Advanced Topics:-
    1. introduction to ionic camera
    2. introduction to geolocation
    3. introduction to splashscreen
    4. introduction to ionic firebase
    5. introduction to ionic admob

Online-Android Mobile App-Course-Features

  • Face-to-Face live Classes
  • Sessions are conducted by subject experts
  • Instant doubt clearing on time
  • Subject materials are sent to mail id’s
  • Mock exam’s are conducted frequently
  • Once completion of the Course and clear the main exam certificates are sent to the students by Register Post with in a week time.
  • Interested aspirants are contact immediately for to join the next batch

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