Dec 11 Current Affairs

December -11 International Mountain day.

The purpose and aim to celebrate International Mountain day are to increase awareness about the importance of Preserve Mountains and its resources.
On Earth, there is 27% covered by mountains.
According to the United Nations statistics, 15% of the World’s population lives in the mountains. The mountains are also the habitat for one-third of the world’s land for animals and plants. Mountains are also the primary source of fresh water for half of the world’s population.
And also mountains providing food resources to humanity to lead their life. It is a very risky factor to exploit the resources of the mountains drastically to make up the growing up of human civilization.
The causes of the damaging the mountains are :
Global warming.
Water Scarcity.
Animals invaded human dwellings.
Lose of Trees and its benefits.
So it’s mandatory to teach the importance of preserving the of mountains to the next generation kids and youngsters to take immediate steps relevant to this.

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