Digital Marketing

Course structure:-

About the course:-

1. Enhance your chances of building brand awareness and closing deals by reaching the right people with effective digital marketing strategies.
2. Find out how to plan for business success and generate online leads for future growth.
3. Find out how search engines work, and improve your visibility with effective search advertising.
4. Get in front of customers when they are searching for businesses like yours on Google Search.
5. Reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube.
6. Find out how to use Facebook, Instagram, and Email as a powerful marking tool to grow any business.

UNIT 1: Digital Marketing:

I. Basics of digital marketing.
II. Five best digital marketing tools to grow a business.
III. The 7 big categories of digital marketing.
IV. Advantages of digital marketing platforms.
V. What to look for in a digital marketing platform.


I. An overview of SEO.
II. Five SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance.
III. How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategies.
IV. How to Quickly Brainstorm Keyword Ideas.
V.How to Narrow Down Your Keyword List.
VI. Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business on Google.


I. What is SMO?
II. Strategies for Social Media Optimization.
III. The Difference between SEO and SMO.
IV.The Fives rules of SMO
V. Benefits of SMO.

UNIT 4: YouTube Marketing

I. Introduction to YouTube marketing.
II. YouTube marketing strategy.
III. How to Find YouTube Video Ideas with Keyword Research.
IV. YouTube SEO.
V. YouTube account setup.
VI. YouTube ads and analytics.

UNIT 5: Copywriting

I. What is Copywriting?
II. The “AIDA” Formula.
III. 11 Tips for writing magnetic headlines.
IV. 5 Tips to Create an Irresistible CTA.
V. How to Write Like Your Customers Talk.

UNIT 6: Facebook Marketing

I. Why Market Your Business on Facebook?
II. Facebook page setup.
III. 8 Tactics to Get Your First Page Like.
IV. Secret Way to Boost Page Likes.
V. Facebook Insights.

UNIT 7: Instagram Marketing

I. Instagram Business Account Setup.
II. Instagram Content Creation.
III. Instagram Followers Hack.
IV. Instagram Analytics.
V. Shopping on Instagram (New Feature)

UNIT 8: Email Marketing

I. Why Market Your Business on Email?
II. 9 types of Email Marketing Campaigns.
III.How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get opened.
IV. How to Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp.
V. Email Marketing Analytics.

UNIT 9: Google Ads and Analytics

I. Why Market Your Business with Google Ads?
II. How do Google Ads work?
III. How to Select the Right Campaign Type?
IV. How to Target Your Audience and Write Catchy Ads?
V. How to Choose Profitable Keywords?


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