Foreign Languages

An Introduction

Our aim to imparting high-quality language training at different levels from beginner to advanced learner. It conducts Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu. MySkill offers these language classes at various Engineering, Arts& Science Colleges, Schools, Software Training Institutions, and other Educational Institutions. It provides programs for individuals and corporate houses. It also conducts Syllabus-oriented courses for ICSE, CBSE, Matriculation, State Board, IGCSE, and Universities.

For the First Time in India, the Foreign languages are taught through Tamil/English.

Why Learn Foreign Languages?

In the era of globalization, learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives us perspectives that we might never have encountered otherwise.

Students opting for any of the international languages as a Second Language in Schools and Colleges have the advantage to score high marks in exams. It gives opportunities for higher studies in foreign universities and placements with a higher salary in MNC’s and all over the world.
The Employed can also learn a foreign language and improve their job prospects in the existing company or move up in their career by taking up overseas assignments.
Business people can open up a good relationship and have a long-standing trade when they are able to interact in the mother tongue of their foreign counterparts. The opportunities are widespread in the areas of Embassies, Secretarial Offices, Government & Private Research Organizations, International Organizations, Teaching, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Call centers, Tourism Industry, Transcription, Interpretation, Translation, Export Agencies, Airline Offices, etc….

Programs Available:-

  • Certificate Programme in FRENCH Language (CFL).

  • Certificate Programme in GERMAN Language (CGL)

  • Certificate Programme in Conversational JAPANESE (CCJ).

  • Certificate Programme in Conversational CHINESE (CCC).

  • Certificate Programme in SPANISH Language (CSL).

Duration for each language: 4 Months (1 ½ hrs per day, 2 days a week ).

Objectives :-

1. To enable the learner to interpret the spoken message.
2. To help the learner converse in the language fluently.

3. To facilitate the learner to read and write in the language without error.

Course Content for all Languages-Units :-

There are 10 units with the following contents :-

a. Words.
b. Sentence Patterns
c. Example in Phrases and Sentences.
d. Conversation
e. Practice-Oral and written.
f. Grammer.

  • Greetings.
  • Expressions of Period.
  • Numerals.
  • Classroom Expressions.
  • Expressions of Time.
  • Expressions of Courtesy.
  • Related Vocabulary Items.


Natural Principles are employed – Listen, Understand, Speak, Read, and Write. One will be able to communicate in everyday situations in the language within the course period. Languages will be taught in Tamil / English with the help of AUDIO and VISUAL MEDIA.

Scheme of Examination:-

There are three modes of testing – Listening and Speaking (Part A -50 marks in 60 mins), Writing (Part B – 50 marks in 60 mins).
Statement of Results will indicate a candidate’s level of achievement – 70% and above – O Grade, 60% and above-A Grade, 50% and above – B Grade.

International Exam Preparations .

We offer training for the following Language Exams.
French Level A1, A2, B1, B2.
German Level A1,A2,B1,B2.
Japanese Level N1,N2,N3,N4,N5.
Chinese Level HSK1,HSK2,HSK3,HSK4.
Spanish Level A1, A2, A3.

Please Note:-

Fees to be paid in Single installment on registration.
Fees will not be refunded unless the class does not begin.
In case of discontinuation, your registration is valid for one year.


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