National Energy Conservation Day.

National Energy Conservation Day – 2020.

The day of National Energy Conservation is organized every year by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Power.
The Energy Conservation Act in India was implemented in 2001 by the BEE – (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). This event is celebrating a week-long program from 9 to 14 December to popularize and make awareness among the mass public about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

Moto of Energy Conservation:

This is the unavoidable term nowadays to save all kinds of energy resources to be used in minimized way and unnecessary use of all the things. The advisable thing b the BEE is to avoidance of unnecessary usage of light, fan, AC, or any other electrical instrument.
Promoting the way of the process of energy conservation by organizing a lot of events such as discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions and etc all through the country.
Encourage people for efficient energy use in order to decrease energy consumption and prevent energy loss.
Promote people for less energy usage by neglecting the excessive and wasteful uses.

Various ways of Conserve Energy:-

a. Reduce the use of Ac or heater, a highly consumable device.
b. Usage of CFL.
c. Water heating equipment opted to consume a lot of energy.

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