In this onine softskill training of Spoken English live classes we cover the following topics.

  • Parts of Speech•

  • Tense•

  • Sentence Pattern•

  • Homophones•

  • Kinds of sentence•

  • Direct and Indirect Speech•

  • Active Voice, Passive Voice•

  • Linkers•

  • Odd Words•

  • Abbreviation•

  • Sentence Completion.

  • Developing Hints•

  • Errors Spotting.

  • Translation•

  • Letter Writing types•

  • Phonetics•

  • Idioms & Phrases•

  • Simple,Compound,Complex Sentence.

  • Degrees of Comparison.

  • Articles.

  • Prefix and Suffix.

Online Spoken Hindi Classes

Spoken Hindi Classes.

Duration : 30 Days

Hrs per day : 1 Hour

Syllabus :

The following are the syllabus..

  • ✓Pronounciation of Words.

  • ✓ The union of vowels and consonants.

  • ✓Conjunct consonants.

  • ✓ Rules of pronounciation of words.


  • ✓Relation.

  • ✓Clothes.

  • ✓Domestic articles.

  • ✓Cereals and eatables.

  • ✓Office things.

  • ✓Names of days and months.

  • ✓GENDER.

Spoken Hindi Classes.

Total Levels : 7 Levels

Duration : 90 Days / Levels

Hrs per day : 1 Hour

..It is conducted by SABARI VANI VIKAS…This exam contains LEVEL -1 to LEVEL 7.Each exams takes the duration time of 90 days.And you will be learning all the basics and speaking skill in this examination… certificates will be given for each levels separately.This certificate have a highly appreciated value in all the places….

Online Hindi Classes for Board Exams conducted by
Dakshin Bharat hindi prachar sabha.

We are happy to take classes.. Following are the syllabus of Dakshin Bharat hindi prachar sabha.(BOARD EXAMS).

The duration of these courses are 6months.

  • ¶ Parichaya.

  • ¶ Prathamic.

  • ¶ Madhyama.

  • ¶ Rashtrabasha.

  • ¶ Praveshika.

  • ¶ Visharadh poorvardh.

  • ¶ Visharadh uttarardh.

  • ¶ Praveen poorvardh.

  • ¶ Praveen uttarardh

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